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White color in design

White is the simplest and at the same time elegant and peaceful color and is associated with purity, correctness, novelty, peace, innocence, simplicity, accuracy, winter and goodness. White in design is a symbol of elegance, minimalism, and style and is used in the design of many blogs, online portfolio, e-commerce and other sites. White fonts, backgrounds, hyperlinks, images, and often white itself, draw the attention of readers to your resource, because it broadens the space, gives clarity. The most famous companies today prefer white on their sites.

Simple minimal sites are ideal for perception. White background color preserves simplicity, cleanliness. Beauty will show itself to you. It is enough to name a few large companies with a background color of websites which is white. This is Flickr, iStockphoto, MakeUseOf, Apple, Microsoft.

The minimalism of sites that favor white does not make them poorer, but rather white allows you to focus visitor attention on the content of the site and on products that the site offers.