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The theory of minimalism in web design

The basic principle that should be considered by the designer when choosing the concept of minimalism is "the fewer elements on the site, the better."   Focus on the key elements that will highlight the most important on the site. Pre-planning, selecting the right elements and refusing additional simplify work at the stage of the building of a design framework for the future site.   The vital German business designer Dieter Rams offers life-saving tips to those who want to be friends with minimalism and who will not be overwhelming to every creative mind.   Rams claims that a good design is:  
  • innovative - uses innovative technologies;
  • makes the product useful - it emphasizes expediency and functionality;
  • aesthetic - beautiful and improves mood;
  • makes the product understandable - in the best case it is obvious;
  • unobtrusive - neutral and allows the user to set their own style on it;
  • honest - does not promise what does not provide products;
  • lasting - always relevant;
  • thought over to the smallest detail;
  • economical - saves resources and as simple as physical and visual;
  • minimal, the main role should take the product.
  Minimalism in web design concerns virtually everything: both the type of design, the information content, and the colors, and the free space, and alignment, and drawings, and in some cases, the minimization of information. And maximum minimalism requires maximum designer work. Therefore, to begin work in the style of minimalism, it is necessary to determine the suitability of this style for your project.