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7 features of HTML5, which you have not considered previously

  • HTML5 provides an easy way to tag audio and video files - audio and video tags, but its implementation does not show effective results. This way, this feature of HTML5 takes place only for names with low or zero productivity.
  • Users must divide the data into temporary and permanent ones, thus having the ability to store them in local or other browsers, respectively. So HTML5 does not offer collaboration to browser developers, data storage should be organized in separate forms.
  • Developers working with HTML5 should constantly monitor their own program codes. The lack of a code debugging mechanism is another feature of HTML5 (unpleasant, but a fact). But the assertion that HTML5 applications are based on client needs are not reliable are all 100% erroneous.
  • HTML5 is not yet a cloud service. This way, users will have to wait for it to integrate with the cloud and affordable security enhancements. Currently, HTML5 users are faced with some serious storage problems, however, developers are hoping for potential improvements to HTML5.
  • HTML5 lacks the ability to move, split, or duplicate data. Users can easily view and edit data in their browsers, but can not share them, for example, in columns. It limits productivity and functionality.
  • With regard to data synchronization, then HTML5 does not work well with this. It leads to connection difficulties with offline applications. Not only is the search problem for organized data stored in accordance with criteria such as date wise or day wise.
  • HTML5 in some cases does not offer the multifunctional identity of its web applications. Browser refusal is one of the most common problems with HTML5.