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Perfect time for redesign

Do you really need a redesign?   Very rarely people who visit your website are returning through the design. Especially if the theme of your website is not widespread and you need to create a design for a plumbing company, for example. Their only priority is to search for content, information, or product needed, and it's important that the site contains exactly what will benefit the visitor.   Your primary concern, as the site owner, should be the timely and proper execution of user requests, the delivery of your messages to subscribers, and not the design of the template. If you are trying to pack an ineffective product, then design does not guarantee a higher level of resource attendance.   It must be admitted that sometimes visual design affects visitors to the site (later on). But there is also somewhat more important: the difference between the two websites first determines the content. If this were not the case, then nobody would waste their time on a regular newspaper that does not always boast a stylish and contemporary design. The main thing that you should worry about is the conversion of visitors to customers. To do this, it is expedient to spend money on search engine optimization of the site, the organization of interconnection with other resources, offer the visitor interesting stuff, great content and improve your social connections. Design provides the accessibility of your site.  

Here are some ways to help convert visitors to customers:

    • Motivate the user to continue working on the site. It will reduce the number of failures, as well as increase the interest of your resource.
    • Provide the user with the convenience of working and navigating the site. The reader should quickly find what led him to this resource without much effort.
  • Always encourage a visitor to "dig deeper" on your site, that is, offer him mega attractive information.
  • Add content to images. Since content is most appreciated by the visitor, it can be supplemented with several thematic drawings, which will facilitate the perception of information.
  What makes the site beautiful is a matter of personal taste, but the interesting, well-presented and readily accessible content is always well received. The purpose of attractive design is to inspire others, and this is more like just art. It should be understood that the design purpose is to inform the visitor (about the product or service) and make it perform what will benefit the owner of the site.   So in most cases, the redesign is not needed. There are a number of factors that are often overlooked during the re-design process. At each change of site design, factors that can provoke changes in the work of the site are not analyzed. And not all of these factors contribute to improving the work of the site. It is often not known which of the changes led to a successful or a negative result.   Therefore, instead of a redesign, it is worth investing in other key elements that will undoubtedly bring revenue. These key elements include some research to better explore the site's audience, its goals, the time it often comes to the site, and so on. Spend some time on SEO, researching keywords that will increase its ranking. Identify the places where your links to your site will work the best way or explore what interests your customers have to offer them the right content.   If you have already planned the content, it's time to invest in the site design to give it a professional look.