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What should be avoided when creating a site

Every modern user, surfing the Internet with the ease of a professional (in most cases) distinguishes a website designed by a novice and a skilled specialist. What is the difference between novice sites? There are many mistakes that should be avoided. Moreover, in each subsequent development, certain general elements are repeated, that easily indicate the author's amateurishness. The developer of the site should avoid such mistakes, even if your own career in the field of SEO has started quite recently.

What is worth paying attention to?

Animation. When a web designer immerses in the animation world, he forgets that the site is not a toy for preschoolers. He tries to implement all the hundreds of newly-integrated insert options following the menu and flying prompts. Blinking, moving, crawling - all this does not add to the popularity of the site, and the user is hurrying to leave such a site. Minimum or no animation on the site.

Long texts. Of course, that is your goal, to convey to your visitors your idea, the mission of the company, the opportunities that open up to customers are noble and understandable. But do not overdo it - the user should not scroll your site more than two and a half screens.

Buttons. The design of the site may include buttons, but they should be minimal. It is not necessary to place on the resource a lot of different counters, links to friendly sites, tops, and emblems of directories - all this only pushes users away.

Remember, creating a website, developing web design as well as promotion is an art that should be based on a sense of measure. In everything.